11 Best Practices for Remote Employee Onboarding

A great idea for remote onboarding and training new employees is to assign them with a more skilled coworker who will guide them through the onboarding process and help them transition much faster. When employees have someone to turn to when needed and to ask questions freely, they feel a sense of belonging. Start off by sending new hires a well-written onboarding email before they enter the office. This gives them a comprehensive overview of your company’s culture, people, and values. Likewise, you can also include important reminders, policies, and protocols to be observed during work in your email. It also answers some of your new employees’ questions, thus preventing them from feeling lost on their first day.

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Building a remote work culture

Every word spoken and shown in a video in Panopto is searchable, just like your email messages, so even if a detail is forgotten during onboarding, it can be easily found and watched again later. It is also important to note that it shouldn’t just be the manager who checks in. Someone from HR should also touch base and if your company is small enough, the Director of their department or CEO should take the time to check in, too. Most importantly, you need to provide them with the channels for asking questions or finding the information they need. If they’re located in a different time zone, they need to know the best possible time to reach out to you for assistance.

  • The amount of time spent varies greatly depending on the personnel and their work patterns.
  • As you recognize your remote workers, you will build their confidence, motivation, and sense of purpose and direction resulting in better performance and stronger engagement.
  • A negative onboarding experience makes it twice as likely that a new hire will soon look for another job, according to a report from Deloitte.
  • Therefore, strategic implementation across diverse business units, complemented by informed best practices, is critical.
  • This means dedicated check-ins are even more critical to building trusted relationships with your remote employees and taking the pulse on their work performance.

There’s no better way for new hires to understand how your company works than to shadow a variety of employees. If they work in marketing, for example, it might make sense for them to spend a few hours shadowing sales representatives in your call center. By exposing new employees to different departments, they’ll be better equipped to perform their jobs. Shadowing may also make it easier for them https://remotemode.net/ to meet all types of team members. Onboarding doesn’t have to wait for the first day — there are steps you can take immediately to make a new hire feel welcome as soon as they’ve accepted the offer. This not only sends the message that you’re excited to have them on the team but also gets some of the more mundane onboarding tasks out of the way so you can make their first day on the job memorable.

Train managers for remote employee management

When communicating the onboarding process to new hires, use clear and concise language. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that new hires might not understand. Consider creating a checklist or timeline to help new hires track their progress and stay on top of their tasks. Whether new hires are onboarding in person or online, they need follow-up, but that becomes more important when colleagues are not getting face time.

Best Remote Onboarding Practices to Adopt

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